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In such an event, the market price of our common stock could decline and you could lose all or part of your investment. However, if we believe that a third party is required to take a license to our patents in order to manufacture, sell, offer for sale, import or use products, we may commence legal or administrative action against the third party if they refuse to enter into a license agreement with us.

In a patent infringement lawsuit, we would typically seek damages for past infringement and an injunction against future infringement. This level of debt could have significant consequences on our future operations, including: On July 8,oppositions to the petitions were filed. Office and research space.

The validity of their and our assumptions, the timing and scope of wireless markets, economic conditions, customer buying patterns, timeliness of equipment development, pricing of products, growth in wireless telecommunications services that would be delivered on wireless devices and availability of capital for infrastructure improvements could affect these predictions.

Our license agreements typically contain provisions that give us the right to audit our licensees’ books and records to ensure compliance with the licensees’ reporting and payment obligations under those agreements. In order to grant a patent license for any such products, we will need to extend or modify our patent license agreements or enter into new license agreements with such licensees.


It is also difficult to predict the timing, nature and amount of licensing revenue associated with past infringement and new licenses, strategic relationships and the resolution of legal proceedings.

In certain cases, the company could be required to apply new or revised guidance retroactively or apply existing guidance differently. The licenses that we grant under our patent license agreements typically only cover products designed to operate in accordance with specified cellular technologies and that were manufactured or deployed or anticipated to be manufactured or deployed at the time of entry into the agreement. On March 21,pursuant to stipulation, the Delaware District Court granted InterDigital leave to file an amended complaint against Huawei and ZTE, respectively, to assert allegations of infringement of the ‘ patent.


Acquisitions or strategic investments may increase our costs, including but not limited to accounting idccc legal fees, and may not generate financial jdcc or result in increased adoption or continued use of our technologies.

To achieve economies of scale and support interoperability among different participants, products for the wireless industry have typically been designed to operate in accordance with certain standards. A number of these innovations have been contributed to the worldwide standards process, resulting in a portfolio that includes patents for pioneering inventions that the company believes are used pervasively in the cellular wireless industry.

On February 24,the Commission determined not to review the initial determination, making it a determination of the Commission. Samsung asserted a counterclaim for breach of contract. Risks Related to Our Business. Further, the establishment and operation of these commercial initiatives requires significant support, including technical, legal and financial idcd.

Autopreismanager_Broschuere_4Seiten_ | Magazine

Duringthe majority of our revenue was derived from a limited number of licensees based outside of the United States, primarily in Jdcc. However, based on public policy favoring the use of arbitration, it is generally difficult to have arbitration awards vacated or modified. However, the dividend policy and the payment and timing of future cash dividends under the policy are subject to the final determination each quarter by our Board of Directors that i the dividend will be made in compliance with laws applicable to the declaration and payment of cash dividends, including Idfc b of the Pennsylvania Business 170 Law, and iddc the policy remains in our best interests, which determination will be based on a number of factors, including our earnings, financial condition, capital resources and capital requirements, alternative uses of capital, restrictions imposed by any existing debt, economic conditions and other factors considered relevant by the Board of Directors.

The Federal Circuit adopted InterDigital’s interpretation of such claim terms and remanded the case back to the Commission for further proceedings.

Successful exploitation of dicc technology solutions is partially dependent kdcc the establishment and success of relationships with equipment producers and other industry participants. The motion is fully briefed and remains pending. Some of our TDMA inventions include or relate to: This complaint alleges that InterDigital has a dominant market position in China and the United States in the market for the licensing of essential patents owned by InterDigital, and abused its dominant market position in violation of the Chinese Anti-Monopoly Law by engaging in allegedly unlawful 11702, including excessively high pricing, idccc, discriminatory treatment, and imposing unreasonable trading conditions.


In addition, accounting standard setters and those who interpret U. In conjunction with our participation in certain standards bodies, we have filed declarations stating that we have patents that we believe are or may be essential or may become essential to cellular and other wireless standards and that, with respect to our essential patents, we are prepared to grant licenses on fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory terms or similar terms consistent with the requirements of the respective standards organizations.

A significant portion of our licensees, potential licensees and customers are international, and our licensees, potential licensees and customers sell their products to markets throughout the world. We are developing technologies that will enable efficient multimedia content delivery across heterogeneous devices and networks, to enable richer multimedia experience with optimal data usage and radio network efficiency.

Additional information about our revenues, profits and assets, as well as additional financial data, is provided in the selected financial data in Part II, Item 6, and in the financial statements and accompanying Notes in Part II, Item 8, of this Form K. If securities or industry analysts fail to continue publishing research about our business, our stock price and trading volume could decline.

We have identified several areas that present robust commercial opportunities.

High-speed packet data delivery in a mobile environment, including enhanced uplink. Administrative iccc and research space. We are subject to examinations by the Internal Revenue Service IRS and other taxing jurisdictions on various tax matters, including challenges to various positions we assert in our filings and foreign tax liability and withholding.