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IMO Code for the Construction and Equipment of Mobile Offshore · Drilling Units, ( MODU CODE). Tags: IMO MODU Code. The MA regulated under of the IMO MODU Code is for overall and close-up inspections and thickness measurements of the unit’s structure. IMO Resolution A(26) – Adopted on 2 December – Code for the Construction and Equipment of. Mobile Offshore Drilling Units, ( MODU.

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The system should include means to prevent the propelling thrust from altering significantly when transferring control from one location to another. The unit is to be assumed floating free of mooring restraint. Written procedures for entry into enclosed spaces should be provided which should take into account, as appropriate, the guidance provided in recommendations developed by the Organization 1. Cods lifeboat may mosu accepted as a rescue boat, provided that it and its launching and recovery arrangements also comply with the requirements for a rescue boat.

IMO I810E 2009 MODU Code, 2010 Edition

This certificate should, in accordance with paragraph 1. The minimum clearance may be the lesser of either 1. When passing through bulkheads, this length should be divided preferably into 209 on each side of the bulkhead. Minimum number of extinguishers 1. Chapter 03 Subdivision, stability and freeboard Chapter 3 – Subdivision, stability and freeboard. A record of these examinations, tests and certifications should be readily available. Surface units should be equipped with an electronic motion-sensing system capable of measuring or calculating the magnitude and rate of pitch roll and heave at the helideck about the true vertical datum.

Safe 2009 may be from a machinery space, pump-room, deep cofferdam, pipe tunnel, hold, double hull space or similar compartment not intended for the carriage of oil or hazardous materials where it is impracticable to provide such access from an open deck. Most Read Cyber Security Highlights: Chapter 07 Machinery and electrical installations for self-propelled units Chapter 7 – Machinery and electrical installations for self-propelled units.

Related Articles A year in pictures: If the steering gear control system which provides for control from the navigating bridge is electric, it should be supplied from the steering gear power circuit from a point within the steering gear compartment. Details of future movements of units should also be passed to national hydrographic offices so that temporary Notices may be promulgated before a unit gets underway.


This person should be designated by title by the owner or operator of the unit or the agent of either of cofe. Administrations may grant exemptions from or equivalencies to this provision where hermetically sealed batteries are installed.

The manuals should be concise and be compiled in such a manner that they are easily understood.

After installation, every such door, hatch or ramp should be tested by means of a hose test or equivalent. Where ventilation ducts with a cross-sectional area exceeding core.

An indicator should be mounted in a suitable place on the main moxu or in the machinery control room to indicate when the batteries constituting either the emergency source of power or the transitional source of power, referred to in paragraphs 5. Compartments not provided with a bilge suction may be drained to other spaces provided with bilge pumping capability. Arrangements should be made whereby water in the compartment may find its way to the suction pipes.

Electrical resistance trace heating – General and testing requirements. Such heeling moment determination should include lift and drag effects at various applicable heel angles.

IMO IE MODU Code, Edition

Artificial ventilation for the protection of analyser s houses. Additional lights nodu be installed in other locations on the unit where this is necessary to meet the requirement that the signal be visible from all approach directions, i.

Mat tanks and spud cans on such units are not to be considered dedicated seawater ballast tanks. In addition, sufficient lifejackets should be available for use at remotely located survival craft positions to the satisfaction dode the Administration.

Ladders should be of steel or other equivalent material. Clarification of differing jurisdiction and control mechanisms of port and coastal States Changes to the provisions for casualty investigations New provisions for means of access and safe access to spaces Inclusion of provisions for anti-fouling systems and ballast water management Clarification and additional requirements for remotely operated doors Provision of additional requirements for jacking systems.


The prototype test should be carried out before the door is fitted. The manuals should, in addition to providing the necessary general information about the unit, contain guidance on and procedures for the operations that are vital to the safety of personnel and the unit. When the renewal survey is completed, the new certificate should be valid to a date not exceeding five years from the date of expiry of the existing certificate before the extension was granted.

The Administration may permit or require deviations from these angles, taking into consideration the type, size and service conditions of the unit.

The following environmental considerations should be included where applicable: Smart Green Shipping Alliance: The circuits supplying an electric or electrohydraulic steering gear should have adequate rating for supplying all motors which can be simultaneously connected to it and have to operate simultaneously. The damper should be provided with an indicator which shows whether the damper is open or closed.

Restrictions or prohibitions regarding repairs or modifications should be included. Visual indication should be provided to show whether or not the override has been actuated. The Administration may permit provisions for overriding automatic shutoff devices. That the life-saving appliances provide for a total number of Units that are equipped with suitably located means for fully recharging the air cylinders free from contamination need carry only one spare charge for each required apparatus.


The status lights should be a flashing red light 3 or lightsvisible modi the pilot from any direction of approach and on any landing heading. Theories used for the calculation of wave forces and the selection of coefficients should be to the satisfaction of the Administration.

For those services not essential for the safety of the unit, only one feedwater system is required if automatic shutdown of the steam generating system iom loss of the feedwater supply is provided. An innovative financial approach.