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Code for the Construction and Equipment of. Mobile Offshore Drilling Units, Edition. Erratum. December On page , in the. On page 77, paragraph , delete the second sentence so that the amended paragraph reads as follows: “ Audible signals in high noise areas should be . IMO Code for the Construction and Equipment of Mobile Offshore · Drilling Units, ( MODU CODE). Tags: IMO MODU Code.

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In such cases a unit would be subject to the bow height and reserve buoyancy requirements which may not always be possible to achieve. The design of each drilling derrick and its supporting structure should be to the satisfaction of the Administration.

In corridor bulkheads, ventilation openings may be permitted only in and under the doors of cabins, public spaces, offices and sanitary spaces. Table — Recommended number and distribution of additional portable extinguishers. The prototype test should kodu carried out before the door is fitted.


Table – Electrical protection type Type. Chapter 03 Subdivision, stability and freeboard Chapter cde – Subdivision, stability and freeboard.

Chapter 12 Lifting devices, personnel and pilot transfer Chapter 12 – Lifting devices, personnel and pilot transfer.

Electrical apparatus and cables in immo compartment in which it is intended to store explosives should be designed and used so as to minimize the risk of fire or explosion. Flexible and portable cables, where necessary, used in zone 1 and zone 2 areas should mpdu to the satisfaction of the Administration. The following environmental considerations should be included where applicable: With internal combustion engine 2 1 in cab and 1 at exterior of engine compartment B Drill floor 2 1 at each exit C Helidecks In accordance with section 9.


Place of issue of certificate Visual indication should be provided to show whether or not the override has been actuated. The mooring positions should be such that sufficient crane capacity imp terms of lift and outreach is available to handle loads in a safe manner.

The main steering gear and rudder stock should be so designed that they will not be damaged at maximum astern speed but this design requirement need not be proved by trials at maximum astern speed and maximum rudder angle. Chapter 01 General Chapter 1 – General. 201


Not less than 12 rocket parachute flares complying with the LSA Code should be carried and be stowed on or near the navigating bridge. The unit identification panels should be highly visible in all light conditions and located high up on the unit e.

In every case the Administration concerned should fully guarantee the completeness and efficiency of the design evaluation. The arrangements should be such that a failure of any single component should not cause progressive failure of the remaining anchoring arrangements.

An innovative financial approach. The pipes and hydrants should be so placed that the fire hoses may be easily coupled to them. As far as practicable, means should be provided to preclude the entry of oil or other contaminants which may adversely affect the boiler. A year in pictures: The pumps provided need not be dedicated ballast pumps, but should be readily available for such use at all times. Their maximum length should be to the satisfaction of the Administration.


202 Means should be provided locally to indicate whether a valve is open or closed. The installation method and procedure for fitting the door on board should correspond to that of the prototype test.

This independent source of power should be used only for this purpose and should have a capacity sufficient for 10 min of continuous operation. However, the fire-fighting personnel should not be involved with refuelling activities.

Code for the Construction and Equipment of Mobile Offshore Drilling Units – Lexology

In order to allow deballasting of the ballast tanks intended to be used to bring the unit back to normal draught and to ensure no inclination after damage, air pipe openings for these tanks should be above the worst damage waterline specified in chapter 3. For self-elevating drilling units, consideration should be taken of the maximum height above the waterline, and for other drilling units the lightest operating condition.

Suitable illumination should be provided for use at night and in conditions of poor visibility. Dynamic positioning systems used as a sole means of position keeping should provide a level of safety equivalent to that provided for anchoring arrangements. Geldig vandaag Dit onderwerp bevat de volgende rubrieken.