December 5 at AM ·. This roof was refurbished .. DANOSA – IMPACTODAN 5. IMPACTODAN 5 is a cross-linked polyethylene foam sheet, 5 mm thick. Impactodan is a polyethylene membrane chemically reticulated with a closed-cell Depending on its thickness, 5 or 10 mm, Impactodan can improve insulation. PRESENTACION DENOMINACION IMPACTODAN 5 IMPACTODAM 10 ESPESOR EN mm 5 10 DIMENSIONES DEL ROLLO 2 X 50 m 2 X 25 m MODO DE.

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Our video case study of Trevisome Business Park! Black, Grey, Green, Red and Slate. The product is not considered dangerous. September In partnership with: It allows the performance of the joint and its free movement over time. Consult a physician if burning sensation persists. But do you know all of the impacts it has on our bodies? It presents high resistance to fatigue and is easy to install. Can be separated mechanically in purification plants wastewater.


When manipulating hot product, wear protective clothing helmet, gloves, boots, etc. The membrane should prevent all contact between the floating slab, walls, pipes and doors to eliminate acoustic bridges. Therefore, do not expect any negative environmental effect. Impactodann special measures required.

Composed of bituminous tiny particles in a water solution, containing an inert colloid, which permanently ensures the stability of the product. The information contained in this publication is true and accurate.


Find out our waterproofing solutions here: Latex-enriched bitumen emulsion for direct application on unfinished pointed concrete blocks, waterproofing and protection of foundations, vapor barrier, bonding of insulating materials and industrial paving. Fantastic work with earoofing!


Danosa adapts and engineers its materials so that they can obtain the maximum score in order to obtain certifications. Is your client bothered by the noise of the downpipes? It has a compressive strength of 0.

Sections of this page. Berkeley Court, Weybridge Refurbishment. It does not degrade with adequate use. To be mixed with coating: Here’s another amazing case study! Thermal decomposition may produce fumes with carbon monoxide, that can ignite in presence of flames or infrared panels. We wish James the best during this new stage in his career! ReduceReuse and Recycle?

Black, Grey, Green, Red, Slate. The company also offers semi-rigid Rocdan panels made of waterproof mineral wool agglomerated with impactpdan resins, ideal for impact noise insulation at low- and mid-frequencies in bars and discotheques.

It is a stable bituminous emulsion in dark brown colour and doughy consistency. It is highly resistant to thermal changes, chemical agents, dampness and vapour diffusion. The mineral wool panel before pouring the concrete for the floating slab.

Get it as low as a library murmur by isolating them correctly.

STRUCTURA :: Insulation ::

EA Roofing This unique developme Diagram of the installation of Rocdan panel on a slab. By continuing to use this website we assume you agree to the use of first party and third party cookies for statistical purposes.


Would you dare to isolate a music room to not disturb the neighbours? It is used ompactodan acoustic insulation of deck impact noise in buildings. June Building Together with: All of this is covered by our single-point warranty.

Mass waterproofing binder for the reinforced protection of foundations. July In partnership with: Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Use in places with good ventilation, preferably with fire security system. You can prevent it with a good waterproofing system protecting your home! Our system acts as a sound absorber thanks to its 5mm thickness.

DidYouKnow that environmental certifications recognize a buildings environmental values and measure its building sustainability in all the phases of its life cycle? It is presented in cords shape of approximately 50 cm long and in various diameters.

Find out more here: Look the installation of the solution we propose. Latex modified anionic bituminous emulsion which has been formulated for waterproofing and protection against dampness in vertical walls which are going to be under impactodqn.

Danosa Maxdan Caucho Description: Danosa markets a wide range of thermal insulation materials based on stone wool and extruded polystyrene, both for roofing and for all types of walls.