Ashar 29 (July 13, ) and the Interim Constitution of Nepal The English translation is based on that which was initially done by Mr. Hereby promulgate this Interim Constitution, of Nepal, drafted through political consensus, for an interim period until a New Constitution. The Prime Minister shall appoint the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court on the recommendation of the Constitutional Council, and the Chief.

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The Interim Constitution of Nepal – 2063 (2007 AD) Part II – English

Publicize the names of official, person or agency not following or implementing the recommendations and directions of the National Human Rights Commission regarding the violations of human rights and recorded them as the human rights violators in accordance with law. Constitute high-level fact-finding and reconciliation commission to to investigate the facts regarding serous violation of human rights and crimes against humanity during the course of conflict, and create an atmosphere of reconciliation in the society.

All citizens shall have the right to live in clean environment. The Nepal Government pursuant to the prevalent law may deploy citizenship distribution team in order to grant citizenship to an eligible person.

Communicate and coordinate constotution the civil society to raise human rights awareness; 55 e. Such discriminating act shall be liable to be punished and the victim shall receive the compensation as determined by the law. Expenditures From the Consolidated Fund or the Government Fund No expenditure shall be incurred from the Consolidated Fund or any other Government fund except the following: Terminate all discriminatory laws.

Sovereignty and State Authority: The State shall pursue the policy of increasing participation of the Labour force, the constiturion socio-economic force in the country, in englsih management of enterprises by providing employment, ensuring their right to work, dnglish prioritizing their right and interest.

The detailed procedures regarding the implementation of this Constitution shall as described in Schedule II. englosh

The Interim Constitution of Nepal – ( AD) Part II – English | Canada Foundation for Nepal

Ejglish citizen shall have the following freedoms: The State shall adopt the policy of gradually institutionalizing peace in Nepal through international recognition and by maintaining cooperation and good relations with friendly neighbouring nations and all other countries of the world in economic, social and other spheres on the basis of equality. Estimate of revenues, Necessary amount to meet the charges on the Consolidated Fund, and Necessary amount to meet the ibterim of an Appropriation Act.

Unless this constitution otherwise requires the final decision, to initiate legal action in the court of law or before a notary on behalf of the Nepal Government shall rest with the Attorney General.


While carrying out voting as prescribed in Sub- clause 5 and also if an unanimous decision cannot be reached as prescribed in Sub- clause 2then there shall be re-voting for such a Preamble or Article for which a unanimous decision could not be reached and in such voting, with at least two thirds of the Constituent Assembly members attending, it should be passed with at least a two thirds majority after which such a Preamble or Section shall be considered to have passed, For the purpose of this Article, while carrying out voting for such a Preamble or Article of the Constitution Bill tabled in the Constituent Assembly, if any member does not vote against the Preamble or any Article then it is considered to have a unanimous decision, Chairperson and Vice Chairperson of the Constituent Assembly: No citizen shall be exiled from the country.

Restructure the State to make it inclusive, democratic and forward-looking. Functions, Duties and Powers of the Auditor General: No person shall be exploited in any form on the basis of custom, tradition or in the name of enforcement. State Ministers and Assistant Ministers: No person shall be bought or sold, made slave or made bonded labour. Any thing, service or benefits that is produced or distributed, anyone shall not be denied from purchasing or getting those services, benefits or things nor shall those things, services or benefits be sold or distributed to certain special caste or race.

If the incumbent Attorney General submits a letter of resignation to the Prime Minister. The territory of Nepal shall comprise: However, Articles 13, 14, 16, 17, 18, 20, 21, 22, 23, 26, 29, 30 and 31, and the rights 0263 constitutional remedy and habeas corpus relating to such Articles shall not be suspended.

Every person has the right to a fair hearing from a competent court or judicial body. The State shall mobilize required resources for the implementation of the principles and policies listed in this section. An Advance Expenditure Bill shall not be submitted until the estimates of revenues and expenditures have been presented in accordance with the provisions of Article 92 and the Advance Expenditure amount shall not exceed one third of the expenditure estimate of the fiscal year.

No comment shall be made on good faith regarding any proceedings of the parliament and no publication of any kind shall be made about anything said by any member which intentionally distorts or misinterprets the meaning of the speech.

The formation of such a Secretariat or other related issues shall be as determined by the law. No discrimination shall be made against any citizen in the application of general laws on grounds of religion, race, sex, caste, tribe or ideological conviction or any of these.

The Interim Constitution of Nepal – 2063 (2007 AD) Part I – English

Every citizen shall have the right to property to acquire, own, sell, otherwise dispose employment according to the provisions made by the law.


Provided that — he shall exercise his right intterim cast a vote in the case of a tie.

Expressing determination to restructure the state for advancement of the State and resolve the neepal problems related unterim class, caste, regional, gender problems of the country. Every child found within the boundary of Nepal without parental identity shall be considered the citizen on the basis of lineage until the father or the mother of the child is found. Pursue the policy of establishing the rights of all citizens to education, health, housing, employment, and adequate food.

If the detailed sectionwise discussion in the House is completed and after the sectionwise discussion in the committee and discussion on the report completes, then the member introducing the bill shall present a proposal to be passed by the legislature.

If an understanding cannot be reached, a majority of two-thirds of its total members shall elect them. Similarly, cinstitution external and internal circles of the sun and the other arcs except the crescent moon are also imaginary. Provided that — this sub-clause shall not prevent the arrest of any member on a criminal charge under the law.

If the Prime Minister releases Attorney General from the office.

The Interim Constitution of Nepal – ( AD) Part I – English | Canada Foundation for Nepal

Under this Constitution, National Human Rights Commission shall submit the yearly report of its activities to the Prime Minister and the Prime Minister shall arrange such report to be laid before the Parliament. No comment shall be made about the good faith concerning any proceeding of the Constituent Assembly and no publication and broadcasting of any kind shall be made about anything said by any member which intentionally misinterprets or distorts the meaning of the speech. The State shall develop agriculture as an industry by encouraging farmers and increasing agricultural productivity, and create a favourable atmosphere to improve economic conditions of majority of the people dependent on agriculture.

Envlish State shall make provisions for equitable distribution of benefits from conservation and sustainable use of forests, plants and neal. P rovisions regarding Constitutional Bodies and Authorities: Interlm of the Constituent Assembly: While carrying out voting as per Sub- clause 1 with at least two thirds of the Constituent Assembly members attending should pass the Bill unanimously.