Henry Petroski’s previous bestsellers have delighted readers with intriguing stories about the engineering marvels around us, from the lowly pencil to the soaring. In this book, Petroski delves deeper into the mystery of invention, to explore what come to expect from his books, Invention by Design reaffirms Petroski as the. INVENTION BY DESIGN: How Engineers Get from Thought to Thing. User Review – Kirkus. A look at the engineering principles behind ordinary objects and .

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In this book, Petroski delves deeper into the mystery of invention, to explore what everyday artifacts and sophisticated networks can reveal about petorski way engineers solve problems. Feb 22, William rated it really liked it Shelves: Written with the flair that readers have come to expect from his books, Invention by Design reaffirms Petroski as the master explicator of the principles and processes that turn thoughts into the many things that define our made world.

Petroski teaches traditional engineering subjects, as well as courses for nonengineering students, that place the field in a broad social context.

Henry Petroski is an American engineer onvention wide-ranging historical and sociocultural interests.

Book is basically a history of ihvention items being developed with a small insights of how engineers should think. Quotations and illustrations from patent applications are particularly fascinating and are used well.

Invention by Design: How Engineers Get from Thought to Thing

Scattered throughout the book are brief mental exercises in the shape of entertaining questions regarding designed details of the real world Why are ashtrays in aircraft glued shut? Those who don’t know Petroski’s work will find this an enjoyable introduction. Engineering design — Political aspects.

The focus of the book is how engineers approach problems. Those who do, will appreciate the additional gloss. The chapter on airplanes was good and some insights into aluminum cans were amusing. His nonsense books, mo …. Return to Book Page. Related Links Read a New York Times essay by Henry Petroski—written on the first anniversary of Hurricane Sandy—on the conflict between optimal solutions what is technically possible?


The reader will truly get a “feel of engineering” in it.

Refresh and try again. Fell off my shelf while I was getting something else. And those who inhabit the world of engineering will discover insights to challenge their customary perspective, whether their work involves failure analysis, systems design, or public relations. Jul 13, Craig Cottingham rated it liked it.

Invention by Design offers an insider’s look at these political and cultural dimensions of design and development, production and construction. Thank desjgn for using the catalog. Invention, Petroski has steadfastly maintained, comes from a failure of design. How Engineers Get from Thought to Thing.

What structural precautions need to be taken if a complete oil platform, whose length is greater than petriski height of the highest building in the world, is to be moved from a horizontal to a vertical position?

Mdmonish58 ihvention it it was amazing Sep 14, Engineering design — Social aspects. Dan rated it really liked it Jan 28, For popular science collections. After that, he will begin a study of the complex interrelationships between engineering and culture. Alden, The Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Invention by design : how engineers get from thought to thing

And who knew that paperclips are so complicated and varied. Here, he’s after a different audience, one interested in the philosophy Each of these—along with the paper clip, pencil, zipper, fax machine, water-supply system, bridge and skyscraper—Petroski honors with a yb illustrated chapter, each a glimpse into the workings of incention design… [Petroski] tells a good story.

He also explains that how politics is the major factor in any engineering project. Jun 26, Grant rated it liked it. Open Preview See a Problem? Worth giving a read to understand historical aspects of Engineering and invention –Deus Vult Gottfried Jul 13, Sylvia McIvers rated it liked it Shelves: What I petrosski most refreshing, in contrast to the story of architecture, there aren’t “Heros” of engineering.


Invention by Design

An excellent introductory book to Invention and Engineering. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Ostensibly written for intelligent laypersons to give some understanding of how we got to the technological world in which we invnetion live, it will probably be read and enjoyed as much or even more by engineering and product designers. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Paper Clips and Design. Account Options Sign in. If you’re a history of science and technology person, this is a good book to dive into.

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His collection of books on ideas is a superb series for Engineers. I don’t remember where, but obviously it was over a year ago because that’s when I started reading this. He deaign at the importance of John Roebling’s personal charisma and the impact of the failure of the Firth of Tay bridge on the subsequent construction of bridges. However it would have been a lot better if it were more technically oriented than having the author simple tell us the absolute basics and moving on.

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