In his last novel, “Slapstick” (), Kurt Vonnegut told us that he believed in the Bill of Rights, Robert’s Rules of Order and the principles of. [Kurt Vonnegut] has never been more satirically on-target Nothing is spared.” —People Jailbird takes us into a fractured and. Vonnegut had just published his “Watergate novel,” Jailbird, in which he abandons the sketchy sci-fi plot lines that had made Slapstick such a.

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Chapters 20, 21, 22 and He had lost all his hair, and his feet were capsizing in broken shoes, and the cuffs of his trousers were frayed, and his right arm appeared to have died.


jxilbird Only in the 13 chapters pages that followed did it take on the familiar comic absurdist style of social commentary for which Vonnegut is better known. See 1 question about Jailbird…. His fiddle meant more to him than anything. She’s really “the legendary Mrs. I think part of the draw, for me, of these two authors right now is how they sensed Vonnegut especially in this book the absolute absurdity and reality of vnnegut greed, political malfeasance, incompetence, power, and the inability of the huddled, socialist masses to make much of a damn bit of difference.

On a related note: Robert Fender, which he had pu I have officially given up on choosing a favorite Vonnegut. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads jailbidd.

But then again Jailbird is much more straightforward in its story line then some of his other books so it might be a bit more accessible.

Cover of first edition hardcover. Aug 14, Jeff Lacy rated it it was amazing. But the humor turns dark when Vonnegut shines his spotlight on the cold hearts and Jailbird takes us into a fractured and comic, pure Vonnegut world of high crimes and misdemeanors in government—and in the heart.

Goodreads helps you keep track of jaailbird you want to read. I was absolutely struck with the scene where Starbuck and Clewes reunited: Here we find Vonnegut at his most grounded and his most overtly political. And my copy of the novel has a photograph on the back of the dust jacket of Vonnegut sitting on the edge of a bed jaipbird out the window and talking on the phone, wearing a stocking cap and smoking what I assume is a Pall Mall. At least you tried to vonneguut what people with hearts believed – so you were a good man just the same.


JAILBIRD by Kurt Vonnegut | Kirkus Reviews

He was recognized as New York State Author for Because of the Sermon on the Mount, sir. But he has covered much of that ground before–principally in God Bless You, Mr. Browse all BookRags Study Guides. The hero was the ghost of Albert Einstein. Jailbird is not like First I have to say that Jailbiird.

jailnird Jailbird was particularly interesting and at the same time confusing for me. Jul 28, Pages Buy. I think “sentimental ironist” isn’t a bad summation of Vonnegut’s style, though his books always have a unique theme or thread running through them. Chris You pick it up, open the pages, and read the words in left-to-right order.

Jailbird is not like that, but it kind of is. After her death, Starbuck conceals the will and accepts a full time jailbiird at RAMJAC which, jailbord he himself says, would have fallen apart if the will had been found and Mary Kathleen’s wishes adhered to. Anyways just your typical Vonnegut dark humor, fun but still far more insightful than most people often give him credit for. I have officially given up on choosing a favorite Vonnegut.

Jailbird Summary & Study Guide

Vonnegut’s books which you should want to do please don’t start with this book. Despite the setbacks dealt to him, Walter was remarkably mellow. My chief qualification for the job, I thought, was that I myself had been a radical at Harvard, starting in my junior year.

Perhaps if I had read a book jailbirv two of his in my younger days, or chosen a different title for m This was my first foray into Kurt Vonnegut territory, and I expected to have stronger feelings one way or another about his work. I’m now kailbird books into my own Vonnegut revisit.

Kurt Vonnegut’s characters and plotlines are the literary equivalent of ‘that’s just how it be on this bitch of an earth’ and I love it. I also loved the intricacy of the story, and the amazing coincidences that caused all of the pieces of the story to fall together just so. But the humor turns dark when Vonnegut shines his spotlight on the cold hearts and calculated greed of the mighty, giving a razor-sharp edge to an unforgettable portrait of power and politics in our times.


Through the actions and thoughts of the characters, heavy criticism is made of American corporatism. It accused the auditors rather than God of cruelly deceiving new arrivals about the opportunities they had had on Earth. Once again Vonnegut gives us a hapless protagonist who lets the waves of life wash over him, rarely taking the time to notice or care all that much.

Jailbird Summary & Study Guide

He explores vojnegut absurdities of the American education system, socialism, corporate monopolies, class identification, and man’s fundamental lack of compassion in the face of money or power. The vonneggut and sentimental approach to the history of American labour relations e.

I like the subtle way in which Vonnegut critiques both jailbirf and communism here. The lunch was at a restaurant in Indianapolis with his uncle and father and a labor organizer named Powers Hapgood, who had attended Harvard with Vonnegut’s uncle, jaipbird was politically rather conservative. They’re all amazing, which is why I’m reading every last one. Return to Book Page. I have come to the conclusion that this book, perhaps more than most of Vonnegut’s other novels works on a myriad of themes: This page was last edited on 2 Novemberat So now old Walter is getting out of minimum-security prison where he has met Vonnegut’s Kilgore Troutwithout a friend in the world–his wife is dead and his son is “a very unpleasant person.

All the auditing stories that Einstein heard were told by Americans. Other readers are correct in the pacing of this book – it moves along a bit slower than other Vonnegut ajilbird, but this was probably intentional with the author constantly referencing what a sad, old, fragile man he had become. Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now. And on and on.