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JBL C Cinema Loudspeaker System. This model has been discontinued. We are providing this page as reference material. Some accessory items may still . The JBL C-4(8)LF provides powerful, smooth and accurate reproduction of motion picture soundtracks in medium and large cinemas. The system is. We sell used & new C Drivers and Horns by JBL. Select from the best prices and availability in the world.

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Lastly, the bass cabinets, even with the size, are jnl tuned to take you down to 20 hz. Is this an acceptable comprimize, will boosting HF by some 10dB above 12 kHz have negative consequence to perceived SQ?

People seem to be hell bent on getting rid of them, for a very modest price. Agreed, these are Biradial horns, that means they’re Constant Directivity CD and will need a treble boost to be heard correctly.

Club double 16″ “Laissez les Bons Temps Rouler”. Originally Posted by 1audiohack.

JBL 4675 for home use

However EQing these when used as a woofer, rather than as a subwoofer, by increasing woofer excursion might increase distortion in the midrange and be detrimental to the overall sound. 4675v new copper shorting ring allows this driver to provide more constant power response which allows the low frequency cabinets to deliver equal “energy” into the listening space at all frequencies.

We suggest you call or email us before placing an order for 467c accessory item. I would absolutely use those in a home HiFi 4675d. Zilch was a huge fan of this CD and it actually does play out to khz cleanly. Your name or email address: These JBL Cinema Sound Systems are designed for biamplified applications as well as systems with built-in passive crossover networks.


We are providing this page as reference material. The A horns with drivers will effortlessly fill the space with a “Where is that coming from?

Low distortion, first rate dynamics and clarity, a nice and well controlled dispersion pattern–what’s not to like? The C-4LF 4 ohms and C-8LF 8 ohms are designed for biamplified applications, where an external electronic crossover or cinema processor is used in conjunction with separate amplifiers for the high and low frequency sections.

Having dedicated MF drivers jgl like a good approach, and the package is much more managable – I could at least still get behind my screen.

As an aside, thewith its very robust woofers, will get into subwoofer territory with proper placement and some EQ–mine measured flat to about 25hz when placed along the wall and given 6db of boost at 30hz.

JBL for home use | Audiokarma Home Audio Stereo Discussion Forums

Direct-Radiator High-Power Large Cinema System The design delivers uniform frequency response throughout the entire listening area with high sound pressure level. You will not be charged. For the larger exhibition environment. So I do have plenty of room behind the screen to play with. I’d also be looking at the Danleys. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

I will continue to seek jhl to audition these 3-way Screen Arrays, but would like to hear from those who have heard them. The passive cinema systems feature new low frequency transducer technology utilizing a newly designed jb, structure that reduces both second and third order harmonic jvl. Thanks for your consideration, and any thoughts you may have to share. The time now is Some active crossovers include very sophisticated and flexible EQ features.


Share This Page Tweet. I ran a pair of the horns for a couple years. SamNov 4, Thanks for the feedback gentlemen. Two 15″ H J woofers sensitivity is db 2. This system is shipped partially preassembled.

I currently have 40″ behind my screen wall, with my first row of seats at 15′ from the screen. By kenratboy in forum Lansing Product General Information. Tom Brennan likes this.

Otherwise, you’re looking at an active crossover system that will include it. But it’s worth considering. The Series of cinema loudspeakers meets the needs of 4657c designers and theater owners, delivering the finest sonic reproduction jb.

Due to the weight of the C, we must use freight and cannot calculate shipping costs at checkout. Mbl Posted by jerv. It will not tax a 35 wpc amp in the least for the horns – or the whole system for that matter. You might need to order the horn mounting bracket for the top of the 4657c, but I’ll bet you’ll be able to pull it off for less than your dealer is asking.

That triple set up is likely from an old cinema installation. Yes, my password is: The boost curve is pretty much the same for all CD horns.

A supertweeter is needed. If you want to save a few dollars, there 46675c lots of A horns that come up on ebay. Are they too much?