Wolfblade Wolfblade is the first book in the Hythrun Chronicles Marla Wolfblade, princess of Hythria, is determined to restore her family to its former power and. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. The first book of Fallon’s new trilogy showcases the Wolfblade: Wolfblade trilogy Book One by [Fallon, Jennifer]. Wolfblade (The Hythrun Chronicles: Wolfblade Trilogy, Book 1) [Jennifer Fallon] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Marla Wolfblade of.

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Books by Jennifer Fallon.

She is not alone in this once-unacceptable practice: It may get better but and characters may develop but this review should not be our deciding factor on whether you want to read the book or not.

Wopfblade is as intelligent as anyone else around her, if not more so, and she isn’t afraid to let others take the credit, if it allows her to keep working to protect her family.

These criticisms apart, however, Wolfblade promises to be the first book of another captivating trilogy. I decided to read this series after reading Jennifer Fallon’s Second Sons trilogy, which was phenomenal. Anyone who picks this up cold as the first book of a new series may be hard-pressed to stay interested at the beginning.

Especially of the places what in the name of all is Fardohnya? January Learn how and when to remove this template message. I have to say it again, I was not expecting to be so in love with this book and I am SO glad I picked it out of that big bin on black Friday. Return to Book Page. The Second Sons trilogy remains my favorite, but I’m excited to read the rest of this trilogy!

The book itself is lacking an overall throughline, something more complete than general political upheaval. I didn’t want to do anything else while reading this book, and I pulled out my Kindle every spare moment I had on the train, during lunch, on the elevator. Remember really liking it and wondered if it would stand up.

To ask other readers questions about Wolfbladeplease sign up. My definition of a prequel has always been that it’s something a writer resorts to when they either can’t come up with new ideas, or they’re trying to squeeze book sales out of rewriting the same story about the same characters that made them a success. It This book was incredibly wonderful.


Jul 29, Zaryna rated it it was amazing Shelves: It is the first in a trilogy titled the Wolfblade Trilogy. I thought I’d dig it after the first couple chapters, but things ended up moving far, far too slow for my liking, and I just wasn’t enjoying it at all.

If you are already a Fallon fan, you must pick this book up. Sep 03, R K rated it it was ok. I didn’t realize how weary I had become faloon poorly developed characters until Jennifer Fallon showed me what a real story should be. Click here to learn more about this month’s sponsor!

Most of the pages describe family members and their ties to the imaginary country of Hythria. There is strong magic, which plays only a minor role. Other books in the series.

Long may the muse dwell with Jennifer Fallon! Lernan has no interest in bedding a woman, not even to establish an heir, and the rest of his practices become increasingly strange as the book moves on.

Hythrun Chronicles: Wolfblade Series

So, I ignored this trilogy and pretty much dismissed it. Ultimately I would rate this book a 4. This trilogy is actually a prequel to the original Hythrun Chronicles or the Demon Child Trilogy as it’s sometimes called. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

So if you can get past some of the downsides of the first book and enjoy the set up, it really pays off in the end. And just as I’m falling for him, as a reader, he is killed off.

Fallon is not only a good writer but also a prolific one, often bringing out more than one book a year. The cast of characters are very approachable with cool names life Wolfblade, Lionsclaw, Ravenspear etc. I read it first and I don’t feel it spoiled anything, unlike most prequels. All Fallon’s characters are clearly and surely defined: How can it be, then, that its people have such an Indo-European looking vocabulary?


Perhaps I missed that bit of exposition. A computer trainer and application specialist, Fallon currently works in the IT industry and spends at least a month each year working at Scott Base in Antarctica.

Wolfblade | Jennifer Fallon wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

It’s a win-win situation for me. They figure in the subplot, which centres on Wrayan Lightfinger, a thief turned sorcerer turned thief again, with some good laughs being provided by a brace of eccentric shape-changing demons.

She needs someone politically jenmifer to guide her through the maze of court politics — and Elezaar the Dwarf knows more than he lets on. In dolfblade, despite the novel focusing on her, she ends up taking a back seat for most of the book only to randomly pop up towards the end suddenly knowing how to bargain and trade to get her way she had no prior experience and her emotions are shaky. Jun 05, Joy rated it really liked it Shelves: Even the “bad” guys have dimensions to them.

It also means the most powerful guy in a particular political hierarchy is mostly a non-player in the intrigue, so we get to read more about people who aren’t the pedobear instead.

The Wolfblade Trilogy Series in Order – Jennifer Fallon – FictionDB

I am still reading the third book in this series, and I initially jennifee to write only a review based on the entire prequel trilogy at the end, but I decided against it, especially after letting the first two books sink in. In a lot of my reviews I mention pacing.

I felt that it really bogged down the first book. I would recommend it for YA consumption or other groups that prefer milder, positive reads. Everyone is very concerned with the fate of Hythria, but we don’t really get much of a sense than any one ruler would be too worse falkon the other, nor why the country is really worth fighting for.