He is the author of the Carb-Nite Solution, and is releasing a new book that is designed for rapid fat loss and muscle gain. John is coming on Bulletproof. The Carb Nite Solution has ratings and 13 reviews. on concrete, verifiable research, John Kiefer has spent over a decade trying to discover a way to shed. Using Carb Nite she could easily schedule her nights of carbs around family events and enjoy the The Carb Nite Solution by John Kiefer.

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That is not to say that it is not a good diet for women. Don’t forget to jiefer I eat low carb and at times the strong carb cravings have ended as you described in your cookie confession – I thought something was wrong with me or I was in the early stages of an eating disorder. Every once in a while is just fine, but I personally wouldn’t use it as a primary source of fat: As I walked by the bathroom mirror I got a glimpse of the damage.

She had lost those stubborn 20lbs and even ended up entering the Contra Costa Bikini Contest. While that huge stack of doughnuts on your site looks heavenly, I question my restraint after being restrictive.

Beth Andre rated it liked it Oct 23, You can either decide today is the day you start to make a change… or you can close this webpage right now and settle for the body you already have. Once my customer support team has reached its limit, please understand that I may have to make some price adjustments. Not only was I able to experience some amazing cuisine, I re-gained a social life that I previously shied away from when food was involved.

Once joh releases the new version with all of this included, I would very likely rate it 5 stars.

Kiefer Q&A: The Carb Nite® Solution For Women – Body IO ®

After lots of research, it seems like maybe I need to replenish my glycogen stores to kick start my metabolism. The other great thing about this book is that he makes it very clear that the Carb Nite Solution is a diet, NOT a lifestyle. Carb nights are so much fun. To ask other readers questions about The Carb Nite Solutionplease sign up. So i recommend continuing on and focus on how you’re feeling, how your clothes are fitting and every other noticeable change in the right direction you notice.


Return to Book Page. If you are already familiar with low carb dieting and the way it works, most of the information included in the book will not be new to you. This environment makes it impossible for you to lose any more body fat… and most likely you will become fatter. My theory is that this happens to women who start their carb nites with milk, cheese, or some other kind of dairy product—or they have dairy early on.

Sounds like a win-win, right?! But I can’t seem to lose weight. Thank you Your feedback has been received.

Or you can start to do something about it right now… and finally be on the path to the body of your dreams.

The fact that you lost some weight that first week is a great sign and the inches lost is even more important to consider than the scale number. Within minutes, two boxes of donuts disappeared. After spending a decade experimenting and digging through research at medical libraries I finally refined my diet—not a perfect diet based on hunches, but anyone’s perfect diet based on real science. It works by eating ultra low-carb for up to 7 days, which has a long list of benefits in of itself which you can read about in What is Ultra Low-Carb ULC?

Thanks crb any help!! Abdallah rated it it was ok Jan 29, TheHumanDalek13 rated it really liked it Dec 28, Also, will eating other protein or fat foods not listed in the book hurt? I seem to have gains even if I have a little more than 10 grams of veggie carbs a day. My son and his friend have been doing this diet with results that kiefrr astounding.


I don’t see avocados or talapia on there to name 2 I can think of.

The Carb Nite Solution

Keep focusing on those inches! A book many people who want to loss weight should read. If carv works well it will go to 5 stars!

The reason most people fail at diets is their restrictive nature. Guinnevere rated it liked it Jan 03, I woke up the next morning and recommitted to my ultra low-carb diet. He’ll not only make sense of cutting edge health science, he’s not afraid to adjust his po I’d encourage anyone who is truly looking for an easy way to get healthy to not only read this book, but consume any information you can that is produced by the author, John Kiefer.

Talk about buzz kill. I know the first CN can be a little stressful, not knowing what or how much to eat.

Mommaof3 It’s always best to consult your doctor first, but I’ve worked with many women who’ve used this way of eating postpartum with great results.

Feb 11, Jennifer Dobberstein rated it really liked it. Jul 04, RC rated it really liked it Shelves: The other great thing about this book is that he makes it ver Very well written, and TONS of citations. In my professional career as a Physicist I developed a very particular set of skills. Kollster rated it really liked it Jul 25,