Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Rife with unexpected plot twists, Druid lore and Kiss of the Highlander – Kindle edition by Karen Marie Moning. Kiss of the Highlander. Karen Marie Moning. Buy This Book. Set during a period that brings to mind impregnable castles, kilted warriors, and. Rife with unexpected plot twists, Druid lore and sparkling humor, Moning’s latest time-travel romance (following The Highlander’s Touch) returns to the Scottish.

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Time Travel Romance Review Tags: Thanks for telling us about the problem. This book had a clever plot, fascinating characters, steamy romance, and great writing. View all 4 comments. She works for an insurance company processing claims and she has no personal life to speak of.

Kiss of the Highlander (Highlander, #4) by Karen Marie Moning

highllander Drustan knew he had to return to his own century if he was to save his people from a terrible fate. They have served and protected mankind for centuries, and it is his duty that his line continues, and the druid knowledge be perserved. Anyone want to take pity on me and and me I laughed.

BookJunkie Oct 16, And yet, here we are.

And this book is no exception! She thinks it’s possible he’s a mental patient but she agrees to help him get back to pf castle, thinking that she can then give over care of this strange but compelling man to his family.

Once upon a time ‘a girl who was hiking in the foothills of Scotland found an enchanted highlader sleeping in a cave above Loch Mkning. He is placed in a cave where he sleeps for years.

Unlike past cons, there is no primary hotel, fans are free to stay wherever they wish. Wikipedia in English 1 Karen Marie Moning. Gwen and Drustan had me in hysterics. Although there have been some “Gems” in my past.

Amazon Kindle 0 editions. Gwen and Drustan fall in love twice in this book and each time was better than the last.


A woman changed forever in his arms Leave A Comment Cancel reply Comment. She is in search of a cherry picker and so far no man has been worthy enough.

Kiss of the Highlander | Karen Marie Moning

I have never been much of a time travel fan, but I really do like what KMM does with the genre. Anyone want to take pity on me and and me their copy of the next book? I simply fell in love with the love story. His kiss forever and a love that spanned centuries Somehow she breaks the year-old Sleeping Beauty-style spell on Highland laird Drustan MacKeltar, bringing him to instant wakefulness and — to her mortified delight — instant desire.

There is also a time travel aspect to this story. This story was a great set up for the next book, Dark Highlander. The story is basically div Once upon a time ‘a girl who was hiking in the foothills of Scotland found an enchanted highlader sleeping in a cave above Loch Ness’. Finally, I know that what I am about to say will sound very boring but doesn’t the guy in the bookcover has the most kissable lips you have ever seen? With sunlight and her blood, Gwen awakens Drustan only to find that he still believes he is in his century.

At any rate, I’m glad I got to read this novel, for the hours of entertainment it gave me. When she kiiss him in the garderobe to force him into “seeing hlghlander, I did a little happy dance – only in my mind, of course That’s why he comes up with a plan that could make Moninng hate him forever It seems that I’m deteriorating into some obscure form of madness in which time-travelling, historical romance can illicit a four star rating out of me.

Gwen Cassidy had come to Scotland to shake up her humdrum life and, just maybe, meet a man. Drustan knew he had to return to his own century if he was to save his people from a terrible fate. What a great introduction to our Highlander Drustan MacKeltar. Maybe because of the year it was published?


Kiss of the Highlander

It was no easy task for her to do, but I trust her and knew she wouldn’t steer me wrong. Drustan kne A laird trapped between centuries I picked this up somewhere at a used book sale. During a trip to Scotland, Kisss Cassidy, neurotic prodigy and year-old virgin, accidentally falls into an underground cavern and finds herself straddling a man who appears to be asleep. Google Books — Loading Gwen is tenacious and spunky although I could have done without the “cherry picker analogy”and never gives up on Drustan.

Gwen was intelligent, funny, feisty and determined; Drustan didn’t really stand a chance with her. He is also intelligent and sharp witted, and after being rejected, longs for a woman who will accept him for who monnig is.

There’s much that’s fun here, both in characters higulander situations So there you have it, a 21st century girl meets 16th century Scot. Silvan and Nell were a joy to read and I can’t stress enough how much I want to know what happened to Dageus, because that was what I like to call a plot twist. Wow, I’m kind of speechless. After a little mishap retrieving her pack, Gwen takes a tumble and lands upon Drustan MacKeltar, straddling the slumbering Highland laird who has been enchanted by moinng powerful spell five centuries ago.

The druid lore is interesting, and the physics aspect, mind-boggling. Drustan is a kkiss hero and I very much enjoyed seeing him waking in the ikss century after sleeping for hundreds of years and experiencing cars and lighters and such like. It’s always been in the back of my mind and your profile pic was a daily reminder.