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So, pranic consciousness or living on light we’ll be nourishing at a state of consciousness and, in that case, a state of happiness. It set out the clear rules that the story must obey; structure, layout and order.

How can I express my story chronologically when I live in chaos? He feeds on Prana since 9 years and is s strong, active, intense and flexible personality.

Her inner growth led her, one day of Junenot to feel hungry and she decided on a natural way to respect herself and to do the experience with her body and her state of inner consciousness.

His has the british nationality, his father is German and his mother Italian. The wisdom he passed on to me in the sandpit was: The universal Spirit and Akashiques archives tell that one time ago when all the beings were fed by the pranic strengths.

It brings this unlimited vibration, a vibration of God. In the s his interest in transpersonal psychology led to intensive practice in yoga and meditation. Since she has expanded her work to Europe and many other countries worldwide.

SABIDURIA COSMICA: bretharian world – bredarianos – pranicos –

I felt sorry for him but I did not know how to help him, and deep in his sorrow he did not feel we loved him. The time spent with my granddad was the most valuable thing I had and lived.

These individuals are known as breatharians, solarians, waterians, or pranarians, and they come from all walks of life, from different cultures, and all corners of the world. And it’s the same for the environments that you hang out in, the companions that you have, your entertainment, television – everything will bring that dense vibration, each more inferior and will also undermine our energy, and each time that we are linked, we are caught in this circuit of survival, of hunger, of the need to eat.

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Despite that, she never stopped loving my dad and she loves him today.

He is dedicated today to serve the Lz, the Dharma the emergence of peacelove and light. I wanted to treat myself to a trip to Tibet for my 50th birthday, two months before departure I was nourriturre by guides in my meditation I was not going anywhere that I had work here and that Tibet was coming to me.

I always felt that he was very important for me but I could only appreciate it in my adulthood.

She gives conferences and workshops in which she shares her life experience carrying the henr of freedom and love that we all have inside, beyond the mental conditioning inculcated by the society in which we live. It seeks neither to prove nor to convince. Because all of us are vibratory before to be biological, we are all beings of light and reconnection to the heart allows the emergence of a full consciousness as well as to regain his rightful place within the quantum monforr field.

Pranic nourishment – Another path to spiritual life – Henri Monfort ‹ Terra Nova Incognita

Equiano thrives for an all-inclusive human life, where fear, doubt and guilt become monfotr guides, rather than trying to get rid of something. In those moments I perceived and saw angels and my granddad around me and always heard cheerful voices, otherwise I would not have been able to survive.

A personal encounter in springwhen he met a meditation teacher, who had not eaten for more than a year by then, awakened his interest in the strange topic of Breatharianism.


They live on the chi from the ground, or from the forest, and from the sun and from the air. Where shall I get a manual, charts or drafts for it? And I think it is much more important than nourtiture stop eating. I wish to express thanks to my parents for giving me my life and teaching me a lot of good things.

I listened compassionately to the women who are still scared to confront their aggressive fathers, husbands and lovers and I was swallowing my tears while listening to the unhappy men with big tears in their eyes confiding in me: When I spoke to my relatives and people who knew her they all agreed what a very beautiful, smart and jolly girl and woman she used to be. If you eat low-frequency food, of death, pain, suffering, violence, fear, you are entering the vibration of these hejri, which are very dense, very low vibrations.

A world without hungry people means a world that exists in peace! My desire to change the fate dragged by family karma was so strong that I decided to set out on this Journey to the Unknown. It is registered in the cellular memory.

Henri Monfort Shamanisme et nourriture pranique

I saw my dad crying once too. She is a healer of the New Times, a researcher, teacher of meditation, creator of more than 10 different workshops. I was confused and I felt that everything bad that happened was because of me. Shaman and therapist, he lives now in Ls where he began his Pranic Nourishment experience. He used to beat me up with an 8-plait green whip. My grandfather knew it as well.