The Lancea Sanctum are a Kindred religious covenant who believe themselves descended from Longinus the centurion who speared Jesus’. Unfortunately, Lancea Sanctum speaks far too much in vague generalities and adds little new and interesting material to this Covenant. And I get the same impression with the Lancea Sanctum. The book does give an awful lot of information about what the Lancea Sanctum is, and how it’s.

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The Lancea Sanctum

If he fails the test, if he fails God, then they’d gut him. As of 2e, this role belongs to the Circle: The position is extremely martial, and Crusaders are fearsome opponents in combat. Yes, the Lance adopts the trappings of Catholicism or Baptist, or Protestant, or any other Abrahamic religion. Commandments and Traditions The first and foremost rule the Lancea Sanctum observes is that the Traditions are absolute and inviolate — mostly.

The position of Saint is incredibly important within the Lancea Sanctum, and carries with it a great deal of Status. The most important thing about a Legate is the fact that they travel. How do you do both? If you fail, your life is ruined, or you’re dead, or you become a good subject for the Embrace. The Kindred don’t really care if Jesus was the Son of God, or a prophet; that’s a side note at best.

Scott Andrews rated it liked it Apr 02, In Domains dominated by the Sanctum, the term is used to replace that of Primogen.

John rated it it was amazing Nov 15, The exact role of a Legate isn’t very well defined. Inquisitors typically have a low amount of Status, due mostly to the fact that Bishops and their ilk do not want to give their “secret police” greater authority than they themselves have.


Lancea Sanctum (Vampire: The Requiem)

The Sanctum says “We know why you are a vampire, and more so, we know what to do next”. In cities with multiple Bishops, the Bishops typically sit on a Synod; should an Archbishop come into the picture, the Synod takes an advisory role to the Archbishop. Covenant leadership frowns on such brazen behavior and has been known to chastise or dispose of Sanctified who draw too much attention.

To members of the Lancea Sanctum, the self-proclaimed heralds of undead morality, their origin defines everything they are and everything they do. No, Sanctified are so frightening because they are so matter-of-fact, even reverent, about their vampiric lanncea.

Sounds contradictory esp needing to keep high humanity. If you pass, you’re good to go, they’re probably even going to protect you but I wouldn’t count that as a blessing. Search in titles only.

Lancea Sanctum by Alan Alexander

Of course, violent members, having taken philosophical lessons of superiority over the kine to heart, consider killing witnesses to vampiric acts an acceptable means of maintaining secrecy. Traditionally, the Lance is allied with the Invictus, due to their long and mutually beneficial history since the fall of Rome, and often share members, though that is not always a given.

Plus, you get a day free trial, so there’s nothing to lose. He took some weapon and call on his guards – but could not killed me aanctum I was Kindred. Question is simple – How much this king scenario is possible in VtR setting? Provided the mortal wasn’t under the Lancea vampire’s protection, and the vampire wasn’t strictly an enemy, perhaps the Lancea vampire would say something, not quite urging, to see if the vampire could control themselves while feeding.


They are usually based in one area, serving a Bishop, Archbishop, or Cardinal, and travel to nearby cities to lsncea back information and forge ties between members of the covenant.

You should check them out. The Ostiary reports to the Bishop or the Sheriff, again depending on how dominant the Sanctum is in any given city.

The Lancea Sanctum | Vampire the Requiem: Court and Commonwealth | Obsidian Portal

Cardinals are typically spread thin due to all the multi-tasking they have to do, but some manage to make it work. The exact nature of their authority and duties varies from parish to parish.

Longinian faith is in keeping with the basic shared tenets of Christianity, where it barely matches those of Judaism and actively goes against those of Islam. Byzantine Empire in Middle Ages — A. Katie rated it really liked it Jul 14, Can Lancea Sanctum accuse mortals of ‘evil’ or ‘wickedness’ and punish them from their norms?

Strangely enough, true believers among the Lancea Sanctum do not claim that they are exempt from the Traditions they break.

For so long, I could not see the role I would play, because I looked for it with human, mortal eyes. The Lancea Sanctum Vampire the Requiem: The first and foremost rule the Lancea Sanctum observes is that the Traditions are absolute and inviolate — mostly.

Originally posted by wyrdhamster View Post. Murder, too, is permitted because the covenant could not survive otherwise. Matt Howe rated it liked it Jan 12,