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The Lankavatara sutra [microform] ; a Mahayana text

Traditions Dharma transmission Zen lineage charts Zen ranks and hierarchy Zen organisation and institutions Zen Narratives. With this in view, he is always inspiring the Bodhisattvas with his sovereign power prabhava and sustaining adhishthana them in their efforts to bring enlightenment in the whole triple world. Upaya may thus be considered in a way lankzvatara to the infinite differentiation of individual characters rather than to the deliberate contrivance of transcendental wisdom on the part of the Buddha.

Certain irregularities of the chapter-endings are to be noticed in this connection. Further, the Yogacara upholds the theory of Vijnaptimatra and not that of Cittamatra, which belongs to the Lanka, Avatamsakaand Awakening of Faith. It is an intense chapter.

Catalog Record: An index to the Lankavatara sutra (Nanjio | Hathi Trust Digital Library

Whence comes the son of the Buddha? However, stura Buddha makes clear that the Buddha-nature is not a self atman and is empty of self-nature.

Manas sits at the headquarters and like a great general gathers up all the information coming from the six Vijnanas. There is so szuki to be accomplished before he has to appear at the court of Emma Daiwo, to whom he could say, “Here is my work; humble though it is, I have tried to do my part to the full extent of my power. Viewing the world as it is in itself and wishing to enlighten the people in the world who are fallen into a wrong view of things in the past, present, and future, thou undertakest uszuki ask me the question.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Even when he is not abiding in a discriminating mind, he cannot see the Buddha. This being so, why 18 is it not to be so understood? There are two little sections of talks This sutra included many interesting doctrines of the Yogacara school, and is seen as a central test to Boddhidharam, and Ch’an or Zen Buddhism.


Extremely repetitive and borderline incomprehensible. Parinamana means to turn one’s merit over to somebody else so as to expedite the latter’s attainment of Nirvana. Daiden rated it really liked it Jan 08, John rated it it was amazing Stra 15, While the Avatamsaka filled the lwnkavatara with things of imagination even to its minutest particle, the Prajna-paramita swept everything away from the universe which suzuii becomes a vast Void indeed.

The imagined view parikalpita of reality does not give us a true knowledge of it, and the relativity view paratantra reduces it into nothingness: Wikipedia articles with GND identifiers. For naming is impossible without some form of discrimination. Hence Nagarjuna’s hair-splitting dialectics. If the possibility of enlightenment is due suuki the Adhishthana or Prabhava of the Buddha, all the wonders that are to take place by the strength suzzuki the enlightenment must be inferred ultimately to issue from the fountain-head of Buddhahood itself.

Lord of Lanka, all that is in the world is devoid of work and action because all things have no reality, and there is nothing heard, nothing hearing.

When difficulties were encountered in the course of my English translation of the Sanskrit text, I have quite frequently followed the T’ang reading, though the fact has not regularly been noted. The verses are generally meant for memorising the principal doctrines, and they give sometimes no sense when they are separately considered, for some watch-words only are rhythmically arranged to facilitate the memory. In paragraphing too I have often disregarded Nanjo.

To be left alone in the Void, even with this Void vanishing from around us, is the method of perfect emancipation proposed by the Prajna-paramita. To begin with Vijnana. Not only, Lord of Lanka, is there such a difference of conditions in things generally, there is also seen a variety of realisations attained innerly uszuki each Yogin as he treads the path of discipline which constitutes his suzuuki.

Book Extract: Studies in the Lankavatara Sutra by D.T. Suzuki

The clinging now binds him to a world of particulars. To tell us this is the office of the Lankavatara-sutraand Bodhidharma, father of Zen Buddhism, made use of the text sutfa effectively; for it was through him that a special school of Buddhism under the title of Zen or Ch’an has come to develop in China and in Japan.

Lanksvatara is the true meaning of Parinamana, that is, turning one’s merit over to others for their spiritual interest.

Dan rated it it was amazing Feb 13, That is, it is like horns of a hare, or an ass, or a camel, or a horse, or a child conceived by dutra barren woman. At that time Mahamati the Bodhisattva-Mahasattva praising the Blessed One with such verses as these, made his own name known to the Blessed One.


I have used my own judgment in several cases when I thought the sense became thereby clearer. Therefore, Mahamati of the Lanka opens his questions generally with this: Thus Ravana and others, wise lankvaatara of the Victorious One, 7 honoured by the Apsaras singing and dancing, reached the city.

The Lankavatara Sutra

There is some evidence of such additions as we can see, for instance, sutrs the conception of the Sambhogakaya verse and of the ninth Vijnana verse 13which are surely of later development. Thus suzukki entire assembly was seen on each mountain-peak, and all the countries Were there, and in each there was a Leader.

He then sees the Bodhisattvas seated under the Bodhi-tree in the Bodhi-mandala thinking of the suffering Beings and meditating on the truth of the Buddha.

They wuzuki all Jinaputras, the sons of the Victorious, and harbour in themselves every possibility of attaining enlightenment. It is significant that the Mahayana has been insistent to urge its followers to experience this psychological transformation in their practical life. The Gatha section called “Sagathakam” presents peculiar difficulties. How does it cease from being visible?

It’s incredibly dense and not easy going, but fascinating stuff. The habit-energy vasana thus created takes complete hold on the Alayavijnana, and Alaya the Suzhki is forever unable to extricate itself from these encumbrances.

In this the Lanka permits no equivocation, it most emphatically advises us not to attach ourselves to words. Paravritti literally means “turning up” or “turning back” or “change”; technically, it is a spiritual change or transformation which takes place in the mind, especially suddenly, and I have called it “revulsion” in my Studies in the Lankavatarawhich, it will be seen, somewhat corresponds to what is known as “conversion” among the psychological students of religion.

Expressed differently, the Tathagata-garbha is originally, in its self-nature, immaculate, but because of its external dirt agantuklesa it is soiled, and when soiled—which is the state generally found in all sentient beings—an intuitive penetration pratyaksha is impossible.