LATINKA PEROVIĆ. vrati se nazad. Are you a feminist? No. What do you consider the most feminine about you? My tone. What do you first think of when you. English: Latinka Perović. Date, 29 November , Source, http://www. ?photoId=&eventId= Dr Latinka Perović. Belgrade, Dr Latinka Perović * Belgrade, The St. Vitus Day Constitution of June 29, , Yugoslavia’s First Constitution.

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Fifty years ago, ,atinka the first issue of Bazar magazine, you said: Retrieved from ” https: A lot of nongovernmental organizations absorb women, a lot of women are concerned with questions like war crimes, like the Women in black. Two years ago there were talks of secondary education becoming mandatory, here. The following page uses this file: The liberal left in the west had more radical anticapitalist ideas.

President Stipe Mesic of Croatia, for example, stated that Croatia pervoic only cooperate with such a Serbian or Yugoslav commission if it first acknowledged that Serbia bore primary guilt for the violent collapse of Yugoslavia, and that Serbs had committed the majority of war crimes. I dealt with the 20th century as well, the very creation of Yugoslavia, the first and second Yugoslavia.

File:Latinka Perović.jpg

The controversial reactions to my book were inevitable since our society is perobic in half. Then came this illusion of rapid change, and it was really just that — an illusion. I think they do. I started working on my doctorate immediately. But what makes them different than us? Those are just some reactions. Such programs should exit evens today, in societies like ours.


It marks the beginning of a real crystallization.

Latinka Perović

As such, the Serbian state would have to transform itself into a military state. If you look at the political life of the country since the creation of political parties – that is to say, for the last years – it has always been a kind of civil war. latibka

The historical romanticism of the 19th century, the mythical interpretation of history as opposed to a scientific one, preserved in socialist Yugoslavia and never really went away.

Wikimedia has peovic an e-mail confirming that the copyright holder has approved publication under the terms mentioned on this page. It could have been different, but there was no moving away from the object. The refugee crisis brought the emerging of a nationalist, protective, right-wing Europe, the kind many believed would never be?

English Choose a language for shopping. I influenced, of course, social life and the maturing of consciousness to the fact that Yugoslav society had to change, that it was at the end of an era…maybe people consider that to be power.

The future Serbian state should not and need not found itself on the basis of nationality [narodnost]. Emergence, Duration and End.

YU Historija Welcome The First Yugoslavia

It is the only way that we can separate Serbia collectively latinkka these crimes. The position of women is always a factor in assessing the degree of modernization. How will they regulate economic relations? No one, there are enough people who practice civil courage.


Serbia right now finds itself at the very beginning of such a confrontation, and we should have no illusions.

In he defended his doctoral degree at the Sorbonne in Paris. It is perhaps more plural than it looks, but in fact you have the power of one party, whoever is in power.

Instead, they were strengthened by the war. Prrovic more the new Serbian state bases itself on more progressive principles, the more secure its survival will be, and the brighter its future. He was also a wonderful statesman.

There, women are very present in society. Finally, let me say that, to be successful, truth commissions, in our context, have to emulate the multiethnic and multifaith nature of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in order to eliminate ethnic and religious intolerance. Do you think this is their individual choice? I see this as the first attempt to come to terms with the recent past outside of the nongovernmental, alternative scene in Serbia.

Perogic new president is a man of letters.

It was, of course, a fleeting for ones life, but also a search for perspective. Far from being faded snapshots lztinka events now forgotten, those collections of articles retain both relevance and immediacy.

We began to question the state, our status as people, our sacrificial…. I start with a pre-prepared question.