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Adoption of Children Amendment Act, No. Occupational Safety and Health Act Cap.

Phi Phi Ley

Children’s Life Fund Act, Cap. Tonga – – Acuerdo internacional Exchange of notes constituting an agreement concerning officers designated by the Government of the United Kingdom in the service of the Government of Tonga.

Amends section 53 concerning the noting of schedules as well as by inserting new sections 56A regulations56B transitional provision74M representing association74N application for certification of recognition74O right of persons to form or join associations or trade unions.

Health Services Act No. Stay Connected View All Locations. Regulates family proceedings in connection with matrimonial or other domestic relationships including property interests and concerning the welfare, maintenance, guardianship, paternity, custody of or access to children. Equal Opportunity Amendment Act, No. This Act amends the Constitution of Tonga so that the King and Legislative Assembly now may enact laws declaring any person “whether or not they have ever resided in Tonga” to be or to become naturalized subjects of Tonga.


Teaching Service Compensation Act Cap. Best-One Tire of Vienna. All dive centers in Koh Phi Phi. Cooperative Societies Act No. Seleccionar por Ascending Date of adoption Date of entry force Date of publication Country Subject Descending Date of adoption Date of entry force Date of publication Country Subject results 50 per page per page per page.

Phi Phi Ley Diving in Koh Phi Phi

Also amends the Children’s Act 2645 respect to: Tonga – – Ley. Provides that an officer who resigns from the civil service to join the permanent staff of the Legislative Assembly shall have the period in which he was a civil servant taken into account in the computation of benefits.

National Insurance Amendment Act No. Regulates recognition of Caribbean Community Skills qualifications.

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Tonga – – Ley Trade Union Act, Data Protection Act, Cap. Provides for voting procedures, policing of polling stations, and general offences.

Amends sections 4 interpretation6 general duties of employers to their employees8 and 9 duties of occupiers10 general duties of employees at work15 refusal to work16 refusal to report18 investigation by inspector19 employee to be available21 entitlement to be paid25 dangerous fumes, etc.


Also includes a new Schedule in the Act. Police Complaints Authority Act, Cap. Constitution Amendment Act, No. Best-One Tire of Monroe.

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The Act stipulates that “reasonable” charges for services may be imposed, but that “no person be denied adequate care by reason of inability to meet the costs. Homes for Older Persons Act, No. Go Use current location. Establishes a lej entitled the Children’s Life Fund and also establishes a body corporate to be known as the Childre’s Life Fund Authority which is to manage the fund.

Also regulates employment of foreigners in the country. Amends Section 34 of Regional Health Authorities Act with respect to collective agreements lfy daily-rated workers employed in health care services.

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