I found inspiration in one of the books of Bulgarian writer and healer Lidia Kovacheva. I tied her method with 20 days fruits diet. I liked the result. Престрелките. Lidia Kovacheva, famous Bulgarian dietician, known for her healing hunger system died at the age of 88 last Saturday. She was born on. Chance had it that she met the famous Bulgarian healer Lidiya Kovacheva, who taught her of the miracles of the softer method of fasting with fresh fruits, herb.

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One decides they want change, to change what is input in the form of food and energy, to change the way one perceives oneself, to change the emotions one allows as food for the soul, to realize who they are and how they connect to the world so they feel as a complete entity. Here the system of Dr. Now I fast for days only when I get ill. They can only make you even sicker and eventually cause your death, offering you a toxic, dangerous and cruel treatment “, say US doctors.

The first mention of fasting in Russia is from the 18th century. Chemotherapy increases the acidity of the organism to such an extent that the body needs to start spending reserves of oxygen and to neutralize the acidity sacrifice minerals that are found in bone, teeth, nail and hair.

The improvement of the state of one organ has a positive effect on all others. People nowadays don’t suspect it but the added salt is the main reason for obesity for example. When Lidia Kovacheva looked at me with her blue eyes I just believed deeply in her system because I felt that we had to believe in what we do.

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How long is respected. Lidia Kovacheva created a healing method with undisputable effect. The stay will give you the chance to learn in detail how to lead a health lifestyle. Please, log in to post a comment. Sign in Create an account. Fasting was practiced by Paul Bragg and Herbert Sheltonhonorary doctors of medicine, chiropractor and naturopractor. All normal cells need oxygen, but the tumor can not live without it.

File:Lidia Kovacheva home with memorial plaque.jpg

Fatty liver, or steatosis, is influenced really well and we witness in the course of fasting especially when it is being repeated in time and combined with the proper resumption of feeding that the liver gets gradually cleaned from fat deposits which results in a reduction in its size. The Clinic is quite, pleasant, totally relaxing. Retrieved from ” https: Shelton’s book and I had some books from the Soviet Kovachevq so if both in America and in the Soviet Union one and the same healing and nutrition is being recommended then the truth should be really there.

Because of the fact that you are amongst like-minded people the feeling of community is strong and you are well motivated to do the fast.

No categories specified categorize this paper. With antifiziologichen diet and lack of physical activity the body creates an acidic environment.


I wouldn’t advise anybody to follow my example. Some are treated quicker, others are treated more slowly, according to the state of the disorders and their effect.

Your self-confidence and body tone is strengthened.

Mode is generally the lightest and pleasant of all kinds gladolecheniya. In other cases it allows a better quality of life, a better control of the disease and a lower dosage of the medications used in order their side effects to be avoided.

File:Lidia Kovacheva memorial – Wikimedia Commons

Summary [ edit ] Description Lidia Kovacheva memorial plaque. Tumor cells can withstand only with glucose and oxygen free environment. Of course I wouldn’t believe.

As he said himself, from a dead man he became a really living man. One has to compete with the others and acquire certain things in order to be happy and feel well which separates the person instead of connecting them to the whole. Since here takes place the vascular diagnostics and monitoring of patients lidiaa by the method of Lidia Kovacheva.

When a person is sick one doesn’t have to eat in order to get well but has to follow the example of animals.