In October McClure’s Magazine published what many consider the first muckraking article, Lincoln Steffens’ “Tweed Days in St. Louis.” The “muckrakers” . The Shame of the Cities has 49 ratings and 8 reviews. Evan said: I started reading this a few years ago and found it distant and dry and fairly non-speci. The Shame of the Cities is a collection of articles written by Lincoln Stefferns for McClure’s Magazine. The articles were written to expose.

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The commercial spirit is the spirit of profit, not patriotism; shamme credit, not honor; of individual gain, not national prosperity; of trade and dickering, not principle.

Folk; it would hurt the cause; it would arouse popular wrath. The Introduction, below, suggested his overall conclusions about political corruption. The accounts of them, however, and indeed, as I have said, all of the series, were written, not for the cities described, but for all our cities, and the most immediate response came from places not mentioned, but where similar evils existed or similar action was needed.

I wanted to move and to convince. I did not gather with indifference all the facts and arrange them patiently for permanent preservation and laboratory analysis.

After Minneapolis, a description of administrative corruption in Chicago would have seemed like a repetition; Perhaps it was not just to treat stefdens the conspicuous element in each situation. We are responsible, not our leaders, since we follow them. The decisive election is not till the fall ofand the boodlers count much on the fickleness of public opinion. My purpose was no more scientific than the spirit of my investigation and reports; it was, as I said above, to see if the shameful facts, spread out in all their shame, would not burn through our civic shamelessness and set fire to American pride.

There had been one election, another was pending, and the boodlers, caught or to be caught, were in control. We confirm the editorial every time there is linco,n election. But urban political corruption remained a particularly popular target, and in Steffens collected and published his writings on St.


If my observations have been true, the literal adoption of Mr. This wan hope is typically destroyed by postscripts to the essays detailing the changes that have occurred since the essays were originally written.

The Shame of the Cities

The party keeps up the lijcoln tariff. In Pittsburgh and also St. Ida Tarbell helped settle their dispute in Steffens’ favor, and he returned to St. Jon Cvack rated it liked it Feb 22, He “bolts” his party, but we must not; the bribe-giver changes his party, from one election to another, from one county to another, from one city to another, but the honest voter must not.

And this shall not be said? Sagamore Press,69, 70,74, 84, The Story of the Non-Striking Miners”. Louisans decide between us.

His enthusiasm for communism soured by lincolln time his memoirs appeared in After that, his nomination for Governor of the State was declared for by the people, who formed Folk clubs all over the State to force him upon his party and theirs, and thus insure the pursuit lincopn the boodlers in St.

The politician is a business man with a specialty. The article would hurt Mr. Wetmore lived in St. After being selected to the jury in Aprilhe and his colleagues paid several private detectives to investigate the machine. Are they better than the merchant and the stefefns Steffens does not propose any method to fix a corrupt system.

The Shame of the Cities

I wish I could tell more about them: Louis, and he had respect for names which meant little to me, but when I went next to Minneapolis alone, I could see more independently, without respect for persons, and there were traces of thw same linvoln. Another such conceit of our egotism is that which deplores our politics and lauds our business.

Pass laws that allow you to funnel money however you see fit, and then graft, occupational licensing, and even what might colloquially be called “bribery” all become “legal”. The Introduction, below, suggested his overall conclusions about political corruption.


James rated it liked it Oct 11, We are a free and sovereign people, we govern ourselves and sshame government is ours. Want to Read saving…. Folk, who had nothing to do with the article, but the magazine and me.

Roosevelt’s reform scheme would result in a revolution, more radical and terrible to existing institutions, from the Congress to the Church, from the bank to the ward organization, than socialism or even than anarchy. Louis” by stating, “The people may be tired of it [corrupt municipal government], but they cannot give it up—not yet”. In Minneapolis, Steffens discovered a massive system of graft headed by the mayor, Dr. Wetmore, according to Steffens biographer Justin Kaplan”was an honest reporter, but he happened to live in St.

Bribery, Steffens noted, had become commonplace in city government by the turn of the century. Steffens discusses the city’s late boss, Christopher L. When a business man of some other line learns the business of politics, he is a politician, and there is not much reform left in him. I did not flatter anybody; I told the truth as near as I could get it, and instead of resentment there was encouragement. Jul 26, Walt rated it it was amazing Shelves: The reformers there have no ward organizations, no machine at all; their appeal is solely to the intelligence of the voter and their power rests upon that.

This work was reproduced from the original artifact, and remains as true to the original work as possible. He later became an editor of McClure’s magazine, where he became part of a celebrated muckraking trio with Ida Tarbell and Ray Stannard Baker.