Editorial Reviews. From the Inside Flap. Anthropologist and naturalist Loren Eiseley blends scientific knowledge and imaginative vision in this story of man. Loren Eiseley (September 3, – July 9, ) was an American anthropologist, educator, . Consider the case of Loren Eiseley, author of The Immense Journey, who can sit on a mountain slope beside a prairie-dog town and imagine. Anthropologist and naturalist Loren Eiseley blends scientific knowledge and imaginative vision in this story of man.

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That’s because he crosses fields of study so gracefully you don’t really know where he “belongs. Getting to Know You. I blocked him out as gently as possible and dropped him, ice and all, into a collecting can in the car. This made me somewhat dubious of accepting all his claims and opinions. Eiseley wears all of fiseley hats.

We are not going to find the answers in human evolution until we have framed the right questions, and the questions are difficult because they involve both body and mind, physique and culture—tools and symbols as well as cerebral configurations. Eiseley’s wife, Mabel Langdon Eiseley, died July 27,and is buried next to him, in the Westlawn section of the cemetery, in Lot Three vignettes moved me greatly, because they were moments that moved Eiseley greatly and he marveled over them. He gulped, whetted his beak on the dead branch a moment and sat still.

The rivulets were frozen, and over the marshlands the willow thickets made such an array of vertical lines against the snow that tramping through them produced strange optical illusions and dizziness.

The Immense Journey by Loren Eiseley | : Books

The autobiographical tales keep illustrating the theses that wind through all his writing – the fallibility of science, the mystery of evolution, the surprise of life. By these our instruments shall immende go home?


Like the charmed fairy circle into which a man once stepped, and upon emergence learned that a whole century had passed in a single night, one can never quite define this secret; but it has something to do, I am sure, with common water.

And as I walk on through the white smother, it is the magic of water that leaves me a final sign. Once in a lifetime, if one is lucky, one so merges with sunlight and air and running water that whole eons, the eons that mountains and deserts know, might pass in a single afternoon without discomfort.

These explorations gave depth, a tragic dimension and catharsis to what he called the ‘one great drama that concerns us most, the supreme mystery, man.

I had never heard of Loren Eiseley till then and so, decided to check out his writings and that is how I ended up reading this book.

It is actually fairly poetic. They sang under the brooding shadow of lorrn raven. This is a wonderful book. Thin vapors, rust, wet tar and sun are an alembic remarkably like the mind; they throw off odorous shadows that threaten joufney take real shape when no one is looking.

Non Fiction that might be read as well. This is not to say that the stories are completely factual, particularly in nature writing.

The Immense Journey

In ‘The Bird and the Machine’, he writes about going to a long-abandoned cabin in the bush and capturing a young hawk for the zoo. Eiseley is convinced that there are no men or man-like animals on other planets. He ends with this – “The story of Eden is a greater allegory than man has ever guessed.

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Want to Read saving…. In the novel there is Tomas, and Tereza, his wife They dance together in a dingy Soviet-era hotel. This essay, now 60 years old, holds up admirably even if some of the evolutionary science is dated.

Jun 02, Jenny rated it it was amazing. They became aware that evolution had occurred without knowing how. It is a literary masterpiece of its own kind and whatever the degree of divergence the author’s opinions have with your own, you will not feel left out.

We now routinely expect our nature writers to leap across the chasm between science, natural history, and poetry with grace and ease.

Some of these essays I would gladly read again, and some of them kinda bugged me. A perfect example is his chapter called “The Dream Animal. Up to that point the little tragedy had followed the usual pattern.

He is also known for his writings about humanity’s relationship with the natural world; these writings helped inspire the modern environmental movement. Once in a lifetime, perhaps, one escapes the actual confines of the flesh. From the plains of Nebraska he had wandered across the American West.

Loren Eiseley

Till eiselsy they took heart and sang from many throats joyously together as birds are known to sing. Like all broad wastes of this kind, where neither water nor land quite prevails, its thickets were lonely and untraversed. The book is a collection of essays, essentially on Science, written in lyrical, flowery prose.