Airport Directory – Plates – LSGG – GENEVE | RocketRoute LSGG – GENEVE plates LSGG AERODROME OBSTACLE CHART – TYPE A – RWY VFR Chart of LSGG. IFR Chart of LSGG. Location Information for LSGG. Coordinates: N46°’ / E6°’ View all Airports in Genève. Geneva International Airport (IATA: GVA, ICAO: LSGG), formerly known as Cointrin Geneva Operation Manual FRENCH · De-icing Procedures GVA · Charts.

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LSGG : Cointrin International Airport : OpenNav aviation database

Obstacle marking and lighting. Cross PAS at ft or above. For commercial air transport, except taxi FLTs, the use of one of the ground handling agents mentioned below is required.

E 26 E 01 MAX 1s 5 Remarks Obstacle marking and lighting. Towing costs chats be charged to the operator. E 56 As instructed by ATC.


First aid at AP, hospitals in the city, 2 ambulances. E 12 N 47 12 E 15 Coverage published procedures covered: Flight documentationLanguage s used. The name of the ground handling agent shall be specified:. Large transport aircraft platform: Swiss and French restaurants, fast food, bar at the AP. For business and chargs aviation FLTs, the ground handling agents are: ATS unit call sign Language s.

Box CH Geneva Definition of Commercial Air Transport: See notes below Note 1: The TOBT must be updated by the handling agent as soon as he is aware of variation in readiness of a chartz delay or improvement of 5 minutes or more.

LDG clearance will be issued only if touchdown will occur before the night ban. Swiss and French customs.

E 58 Geneva CTR 2 arcs of circle as follows and tangents joining the arcs externally: E 45 The electrical PWR will be connected prior, or immediately after engine shutdown. The pilot shall indicate the parking position.


vACC Switzerland

TWY edge and centre line lighting. Geodetic undulation reference for ARP: Banned from to to For AUTH, contact steering gva. N 46 37 Permission requests for slots shall be submitted to:.

These units will pass information and instructions on the appropriate frequencies REF: Training and check FLTs are prohibited at night.

Cointrin International Airport

Reservations via PPR office. Additional information limitation of service, etc.

N 45 58 N 46 17 Fuelling with passengers on board Reference: E 51 As a rule, messages such as: