Q opens with a young theological student studying in Wittenberg two years ” Luther Blissett”, you learn, is a pseudonym for not one but four. They all called themselves Luther Blissett and set to raising hell in the cultural The novel Q was written by four Bologna-based members of the LBP as a final. Q. Luther Blissett, Author, Shaun Whiteside, Translator, trans. from the Italian by Shaun Whiteside. Harcourt $26 (p) ISBN

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In a Disney universe gone insanely adrift, Mickey Mouse is a former corrupted cop and a lonesome fascist psychopath. Vi ho promesso di non dimenticare. Wu Ming Benvenuti a ‘sti frocioni racconto estate Welcome, you faggots. Ah, anche i soldi. Speech anachronisms abound throughout, especially when events are related by Metzger and company ” ‘What the fuck did you say?

Prestigious, high-brow art magazines publish a solidarity appeal. Mi ha stupito molto la narrazione in prima persona. I first became fascinated with the Radical egalitarian movements of the s when I read Norman Cohn’s “The Pursuit of the Millennium” – it appealed to the ardent anarcho-Christian-socialist I was then.

A short story inspired by our exhilarating meeting with a movie producer who wanted to option the rights of Q. Rumours about a film adaptation of Q have circulated but none was developed.

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Q by Luther Blissett

An epic from the bowels of history, set in central Europe and Northern Italy. He has neither before nor since done a single thing worthy of note by anyone. It is for this very reason that fiction writing has tended to lag behind the other arts, and novels are nearly always ascribed to single authors. WM4 cerca disperatamente una via per fuggire dall’ufficio. Whenever something crucial in early anabaptism happens, he’s present: All that gives life to the open community around us.


Q di Luther Blisset. At the centre of it is a spider spreading his web in order to manipulate the course of history, Carafa. I loved this book and would highly recommend it to anyone who likes to get more out of their novels than just the basic story.

Marco has gotten sick of civilization. View all 15 comments. The air is full of blistering debate, revolutionary preaching and the smell of smoke, both from burning icons in the churches and the pyres on which the heretics are burned.

Q is the spy, in the pay of Father Carafa, an ultra conservative figure, rapidly rising up the hierarchy of the Catholic church. And I learned so much about the history of the Catholic church and its challengers.

Vlisset names were changed and the conversation was slightly altered for the sake of parody, but the fictional meeting is not much different than the actual one. Rich religious history is turned into bloated, tedious fiction in this Reformation-age epic produced by four anonymous writers lurking behind a pseudonym.

The early Marxists

Infine, ho trovato alcune frasi astute: In the end, the best one turns out to be poor Q! It is a tale of idealism and extremism, of persecution and faith, of lost causes and dreams, of power and what men will do to hold it. Si rincorrono, nel lhther e nello spazio e nel frattempo il mondo attorno a loro muta. Even before reading the book my assumption was that they want to convey that things can change on a broad level.


Non conosco i Wu Ming, l’editore e nemmeno l’editor che sono qui totalmente e completamente inventati e frutto della mia fantasia. It begins with action, men fleeing from the bloody weapons of a conquering army.

Wu Ming 5 Havana Glam romanzo 1a ed. Have a nice trip. Across its stage stride the great figures of the first half of the 16th century and whilst it deals with events so long ago it resonates with a more modern agenda as if to say “these are outher just things of the past, all this is still relevant today. All the great books I’ve ever read did that to me; a quirky title “The Name of the Rose”, I blissdt this book on a shelf in Waterstones nine years ago.

The story is very gritty. Lkther reformation of the church in the 16th century is a symbol for a possible change of society in the 21st century, which the authors seem to deem necessary. No trivia or quizzes yet. English PDF A whorehouse in Hong Kong. Open Preview See a Problem? Luther Blissett is the pseudonym blissst four politically radical Italian novelists who will later in another incarnation be known as Wu Ming.

Ho creduto si trattasse di un libro sulla vendetta. A Deep Dark Guffaw is a short story inspired by Wu Ming 1’s presence among the by-standers on a murder scene.

One wants to overthrow the social order.