Zeroing with Aimpoint Shooting Target. 1. Set up the target at 25 meters. 2. Place firearm in solid rest and center dot on the target. 3. Take one shot and inspect. M16A2 / M16A4 weapons 25m zero target. The close combat optic ( CCO), M68 is a non-telescopic (unmagnified) reflex sight that is. Comparison of the developed targets to standard m zero targets modified for m .. either carry-handle sight and back up iron sight [BUIS]) or an M

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FM Chapter 8 Advanced Optics, Lasers, And Iron Sights (Phase V of

The target consists of: The narrow field of view increases magnification but decreases the field of view. With the vehicle not moving, the tires are cold. The gunner must practice raising his head just enough to clear the weapon targef his NVGs and acquire a zfro sight picture by walking the laser onto the target and then aiming at center mass.

As you can see in photo two, the optic is placed on the rail with the front end of the rail mount flush with the upper receiver. The course of fire for the TWS is the same scenario as the day qualification tables with the same requirements for standards of fire for current day standards.

Stop and think how big a 9.

The TWS is a thermal sight and does not require the use of night vision devices. It Must Be True: The students hand tighten the metal mounting screw when mounting the Adapter bracket onto carrying handle.


If the visible laser stops on the zeroing mark, the borelight is zeroed to the weapon. The reason we want it here and not closer to the firer is because the CCO is a Reflex sight.

Have the gunner move the weapon off the crosshair, realign the red dot of the M68 on the crosshair, and turn the borelight back on. Boresighting is conducted at 10 meters. Review written exam to answer or clarify any questions. This is releasable to military students from all requesting foreign countries without restriction. Even though night vision devices greatly enhance the soldier’s ability to acquire a target at night, increased awareness of target detection must be trained to allow the solider to key in on the visual cues of infrared imagery.

The zeroing techniques that other sights use are only used to align the red dot then the iron sights are disregarded while firing.

This box is now the offset and is the designated point of impact for the M However, at ranges of 50 meters and closer, parallax exists and the firer must ensure that the red dot is centered while zeroing. How to Rotate the Adjustment Screws. Fire three rounds and triangulate at 25 meters. Retrain and retest any soldier that failed the Performance Evaluation. Appendix G shows the most zeero meter boresight target.

Both the narrow and wide field of views must be boresighted and zeroed. Probably the biggest advantage the TWS provides is its ability to negate camouflage.

Targwt up the target at 25 meters. This position of the borelight, and where the visible laser is pointing, is identified as the half turn position. Copyright Personal Concealment Solutions, Inc.


Put the batteries into the M68 Manipulate the rotary switch to the different intensity levels Ensure that: Tell the students what they will be learning in the class: All procedures for the M68 are taret same as with standard iron sights.

By applying the four fundamentals of rifle marksmanship and the training you are about to receive you will be able to engage and destroy enemy targets more effectively and increase your battlefield awareness.

Soldiers should receive in-depth instruction on the proper use and fit of night vision goggles to include characteristics and tartet, maintenance, and mounting procedures. The art of target detection at night is only as good as the soldier practices. Below is data on how much the red dot masks the target at different ranges.


Refer to TM31 Oct 00 for target preparation. Stabilizing the weapon is crucial. At the completion of this lesson you [the student] will: Target person will then give the adjustments to be made to the M68 CCO based off the strike of the borelight laser.

Basic rifle marksmanship taught effective engagement of the enemy with the basic rifle or carbine using iron sights to engage targets primarily during the day. Repeat this step until zeroed.