The SPH is a multi-row panoramic photography head. It has sliding plates to locate the camera over the panoramic axis of rotation, plus a sliding pla. Buy Used and Save: Buy a Used “Manfrotto SPH QTVR Spherical Panoramic Pro Head ” and save 54% off the $ list price. Buy with confidence as. Model: Manfrotto SPH. VR Head Type: Multi-Row Spherical Panoramic Tripod Mount. Weight: lb (2 kg). Dimensions: 32 cm. Load Capacity: 4 kg. Color.

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If you want to shoot high quality and high res. I suggest to the manufacturer to consider adding a sort of thin plate with a hollow screw in its center to work as an adapter. It did not take long to adjust the nodal manftotto or other fine tuning.

If you’ve been around Photography most likely you’ve heard of them. I am a semi-pro photographer and can tell you any serious architecture or landscape photographer should think of acquiring this great piece of equipment Ease of rail adjustments. The weight is not what I call heavy for my own hand, but for some people it might be considered heavy. Please check your local sales tax laws. Personally I would rather manfrottto a shot of the nadir. Talking about cost 303spj much more is it to add a bubble level?

As shown above, the SPH can definitely shoot high resolution panoramic images. This head and manfroto work I have done with it have been my main source of income since the day I got it. Loosen the screw 3 securing the camera, and adjust as required.

There are, however, certain points to consider: The longer rails that comes with the VR head is probably suitable for most telephoto or zoom lenses. Be the first to review this item. I would 30s3ph the SPH a score of 8 out of It allows you to shoot in every angle and create panoramas with a degree view horizontally and vertically.


Unfortunately the SPH is not designed for a clear shot of the nadir. Did the engineers forget this detail? Do you manrrotto add your opinion? This is to demonstrate the difference between the two nadirs after conversion to a cubical image.

If you have used this item, you can add your vote: Long rails that can accommodate long zooms and mid-size telephoto lenses. Manfrotto should check their production line, somebody is not doing a good job there. I’m planning ahead on taking it with my luggage to the outside and I do have some concerns about this matter.

Manfrotto SPH review

But the truth should be told, I was surprised that it is capable of being a turntable for VR objects because I was looking forward for this topic and needed some tools, and now I have 2 in 1. The sliding plates provide forward, back and side adjustment for precise positioning.

Make sure the VR head 1 is properly leveled. But when it comes to the fact that this device can be used as a turntable for creating a VR object, as it is mentioned manfdotto the manual as well, there is no real elaboration for how to do it exactly. No 303spy of buying upgrades or anything. I personally prefer to keep a location’s true details. As you can see it folds for storage. Through the years we have owned several panoramic heads, but always come back to Manfrotto.

This is better illustrated with the NN3 review. Of course excluding the big-guns like the super-telephotos. Then I pointed the camera down, as if I’m shooting the nadir, and adjusted the camera’s center focusing point on the pivotal screw manfrotfo the VR head.

Manfrotto 303 SPH : Specifications and Opinions

Place your order by 5pm Wed Jan 2 and your order will ship the same day. Now, it remains in the bottom bar chand it must be prepared so that the lens center axis is at the center of the stand.

The screw 1 that is securing the camera rail is not designed for quick adjustments. Everything majfrotto web based guided tours in theaters and museums to location scouting, happenings and documenting valuables and buildings. It works very well and is easy to set up and use. It was a bar of aluminum with 6 holes, a threaded to attack the support of the stand, the other to position the camera with a screw.


None Spare Parts Supplied: However, it worked fabulously.

If you need to usa more lenses you will loose a lot of time in nodal point position setting. Very sturdy manfroto durable quality.

Have you ever shot a of a location where there is important detail on the ground that makes a location significant or unique to any other place?

It’s not something that you would take as a hand carry on a flight or go backpacking with.

Manfrotto SPH QTVR Spherical Panoramic Head Kit – SPH B&H

Yes Tools Required For Assembly: But I’m sure they have good customer service. It was simple to adjust for the entrance pupil on the SPH. Before buying this head I made the workshop a simple hack to place the focal 303dph in his place. You would have to adjust both rails on the upper arm to its maximum expansion to have enough image to work with in Photoshop. Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time. I overlooked and assumed the adjustments were gear driven for precise control, since it had mm markings in all the slides.

Adjusting is so easy, every part of the head is numbered and has a ruler so once you get the things right if you write them down you will always get them right.