Manifesting Change by Mike Dooley – If there was just one thing I could tell you about living the life of your dreams, knowing that if you understood it, it. In his most advanced work to date, Mike Dooley builds on the concepts of his New York Times bestseller Infinite Possibilities by using his revolutionary concept . Author and international speaker Mike Dooley illuminates exactly how to move Manifesting Change explains the actual mechanics behind every dream, how.

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Mike Dooley is simply straight forward and easy to understand which makes listening to his material a joy!! Who was your favorite character and why?

This is one of my favorite Law of Attraction books to date.

It, the universe, connects the dots to put get you to where you see yourself ending up But the book is disjointed in spots. This audiobook is designed to guide you through the mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of manifesting and creating miie that your heart desires.

Also, cancer doooley a good thing cause everyone the author has ever met who has had cancer sees it as a blessing. What did you like best about this story? It really does make it dloley seem so easy. It is the next level of the power of intention. He conveys the excitement and amazement with each example he provides from the last 25 years of manifesting change in his own life.


His matrix explanation really helped me.

Manifesting Change: It Couldn’t Be Easier by Mike Dooley

Where are we going? Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Don’t like your audiobook?

Believing is only the beginning. Mike Dooley’s books and ideas were out there long before LoA came into view. Preview — Manifesting Change by Mike Dooley. NO Any additional comments? I like listening to it in the chwnge, or even listen while I read the book.

Manifesting Change

An absolute must read. This isn’t a recipe for a quick fix to achieve effortless abundance. This was the perfect time of year and perfect time in space to read this book- and I have found a lot of other synchronicities coinciding with some of the messages I took out of the book as well!

I soaked up every word of this. Author and international speaker Mike Dooley illuminates exactly how to move beyond the law of attraction to the next level—manifestation. But Mike Dooley paints the picture of life and it’s meanings like none other.

Joe Dispenza Narrated by: The author starts by laughingly dismissing science and finishes up by explaining that torture of the innocent is totally fine because the innocent choose that life for themselves before birth. People who bought this also bought Part one of this course, Becoming Magiclaid the groundwork for becoming a magical person, while this second book, Doing Magicoffers concrete techniques and instructions for bringing wonderful things into your life.


I like the idea of the Universe always rooting for you and the concepts of manifesting and visualizing. Mike lives what he teaches, traveling internationally speaking on life, dreams, happiness. Dooley’s book, Manifesting Change is full of inspiration and guideposts which allow the reader to consider one’s options for directing their path to change which fosters true, deep happiness and love for the way one lives their life.

That’s what I would have said, five or ten years ago.

It’s an easy read and a fairly easy concept to understand. You are already good at manifesting because your thoughts automatically attract what happens to you. Was this a book mznifesting wanted to listen to all in one sitting?

Manifesting Change (Audiobook) by Mike Dooley |

Attract the right people. Nov 02, Sue Smith rated it really manigesting it Shelves: Dooley offers a unique way of considering one’s spiritual life, realizing we are eternal beings here on earth at this present moment, able to engage in a fulfilling and meaningful life if we so recognize and choose this powerful, God-given reality.

Luke says, “I don’t believe it,” and Yoda replies, “That is why you failed.